Acara Siraman Pra Nikah Pilot Hangga dan Sukma

Misa Syukur Persiapan Pernikahan Hangga Yudha dan Ananda dipimpin oleh Romo Rochadi dari Gereja Anak Domba, Paroki St Yohanes Maria Vianney dan Romo Bintoro dari Paroki Halim,Jakarta Timur. Dilanjutkan dengan Upacara Siraman calon Mempelai Pria.


Misa syukur dan Upacara ritual Siraman dalam Adat Jawa dilangsungkan di rumah Marsdya Bambang Sulistyo, 29 Januari 2020 di Kompleks Palem Kartika, Bambu Apus, Cipayung, Jakarta Timur.

Special Bond Between Airmen

Air Marshal Bambang Sulistyo and wife Ny Natalia Ratih Setyaningsih opened their house to celebrate the upcoming marriage of their son Hangga Yudha.

The ceremony was a unique blend of Javanese tradition and a Catholic Mass. Like mosts Javanese celebrations, this was carried out in grand style. Many customary rituals were performed, all steeped in Java tradition. For those who have never been to Javanese celebrations, I will tell you they are lavish and beautiful, as was this celebration.

A special connection exists between Air Force veterans no matter which country they served. Being a U.S. Air Force veteran, I felt the connection strongly. Son Hangga is also a commercial pilot. A special thank you goes out to this Air Force family. We hope you enjoy the photos. —Michael & Christina.  <<


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